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Wedding Rituals

Wedding Photography includes candid wedding photography, pre wedding photoshoots as well as wedding rituals shoots.
Responsive since this has to be accessible from all kinds of devices as all kinds of people would like to book a wedding photographer or a wedding agency.
Easy to use since most of the wedding photographers as well as wedding agencies won’t have an IT team to manage their website for them so they should be able to handle their own website on their own.
Wedding Rituals - Responsive WordPress Theme
Features wedding agency WordPress theme:

Wedding Rituals agency WordPress theme is completely responsive and has been designed and developed to be responsive to all kinds of screens from high resolution to mobile and tablets as well
– There are several gallery plugins which can be used like nimble, huge IT and nextgen gallery among others which are paid which can be used nicely with this wedding agency WordPress theme. Also we have given 2-3 in built gallery choices as well which includes a filterable gallery which one can use
– Slideshows are possible because the wedding agency WordPress theme is compatible with a lot of sliders like the crelly slider, master slider, paid ones like revolution and layered and free ones like meta slider and cyclone slider are also compatible with this theme
– This wedding photography WordPress theme is translation ready and has a POT file and is compatible with Loco translate
– RSVP is given and a compatible form is in built with this theme
– Shortcodes there are lots of them and are in built within this wedding photography WordPress theme
– Page builder compatible and is fully compliant with the types of page builders available in market like free ones: site origin, elementor, sandwich and live composer and the paid ones like visual composer are compatible
– Colors can be easily changed and each element color is controlled via a color picker and hence colors can be easily controlled from within the panel
– Fonts are Google fonts and more than 800 typography fonts are available with various options of bold and italic and supersized and underline etc.
– WooCommerce compatible Wedding Rituals photography WordPress theme which means that one can sell items and merchandise as well as wedding event management packages as well online
– Pricing tables compatible and thus any wedding agency WordPress theme based website or any wedding photographer can easily display their rates and prices
– Navigation is very easy to manage and has 5 levels of drop down menu included thus a large website can be set up easily
– Customizer based and hence part of the core and is very easy to manage and maintain
– Homepage sections more than 10 sections are given and one can add as many as they like to
– Multilingual friendly and lots of plugins like Polylang, WPML and qTranslate X have been tested
– SEO friendly and thus all kinds of SEO plugins can be used so that you get good organic and natural rankings from search engines and local listings easily
– Social plugins are compatible and social icons font based over 600+ are included
– Blog layouts are given and they can be useful when one uses it for various kinds of blog posts and comments. Can be useful for photography as well as agencies to get more traffic
– Page layouts are given like sidebar with or without and full wide page layouts apart from that several in built pages are also given
– Header variations are given like 4 and apart from that iframe and map and form as well as image or slider can be posted in banner area of inner page header
– Footer variations just like header are given 4 and are widget friendly
– Sidebar is completely widget friendly and is adjustable as well if someone decides not to keep a sidebar on a page or on blog
– Widgets by default work nicely on sidebar, footer and header
– Site layout 2 layouts are given one is full wide and one is boxed layout
– In built pages like about us, testimonials etc have been given
– Sharing and social media feeds compatible template
– Mega Menu plugin compatible which manages large menus nicely
– Contact forms are coded within however contact form 7 and ninja forms and gravity forms compatible as well so that one can add other types of forms as well as per their need
– Speed is important and thus faster loading website template is being created in this case so that a wedding agency or a wedding photographer can easily get visits from their clients and they stay on the website for longer time
– Modernly created and thus material design friendly and old browser friendly as well as flat design structure
– Bride and groom details, posts timeline etc shortcodes and lots of other items and standard pages like 404 are included


SKT Tube

Video WordPress theme has been designed to serve its clients with a wonderful and fully dynamic video website which gets you a nice video graphic website for yourself.
Hosting of videos can be done in respective sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc and can be nicely played on the website. The top slider showcased on the main page can be presented in 32 different ways which has been given with the in built slider.
And all of the styles and skins are different than what the original has. So one can have a huge selection choice to choose from.
 SKT Tube - Responsive WordPress Theme
Features of SKT Tube Video WordPress theme:

– Video Slider is included within this video WP theme which has nice options like pause time and animations of varied types.
– 32 variations are included with the in built video slider that has been given with this video WP theme
– Several other slider choices of varied types which include image and image with video sliders like crelly which is layered slider, layer slider, revolution, master slider, cyclone slider 2 and accordion slider have been tested and found to be working just fine
– Video galleries using plugins can be easily added and in built video gallery is given however one can have more galleries with the help of compatible plugins from repository
– Video shortcodes in built are given so that user has ample choices of setting up and showcasing videos the way they want to. Other shortcodes include team members, testimonials and 30+ different varied types and one can also use plugins to bring in additional shortcodes for use of this video WordPress template
– Page builders like visual composer to the free ones like Elementor and Live Composer and sandwich work just fine with this video WordPress theme
– Translation ready and because of POT file given inside one can easily change the strings to any language as they require
– Multilingual ready as the video template of WordPress has been tested with WPML to qTranslate X and Polylang among others
– Customizer based WordPress video theme which means that it results in core part of the software being used and causes less load
SKT Tube is Fast loading since it is customizer based and very less scripts and external scripting or linking has been done
– Hosted videos which include videos from Youtube, Vimeo, dailymotion and other sites can be added easily
– Header and footer variations more than 4 are given which are sufficient to set up the WordPress video theme the way you need it
– Page layouts are given which have the ability to have the sidebar location the way you need it and also without any sidebar also one can have a page as well as full wide too
– Site layout options like boxed and fully wide are also given in this WordPress video theme
– Widgets friendly WordPress video theme with widget sections available for additions in footer, header and sidebar
– Contact forms are in built but more forms can be added with the help of plugins like contact form 7 and ninja forms
– Newsletter subscription plugins are also compatible and can be added easily to gain more subscribers
– Blog variations are also given which means that setting up a blog also becomes easy
– Modern design trends of flat and gradient less structure is being used for old browser compatibility
– HD ready and higher resolution ready video WP template
– SKT Tube is Cross browser compatibility with popular cross platform browsers have been done
– Cross device testing also has been done across various platforms of OS
– Standard pages like 404, Blog and other kinds of pages like search also are included by default
– Fonts and typography options are limitless with 800+ Google fonts included by default and their color, font style and size are also manageable in this WordPress video theme
– Social Icons are all font based and more than 580+ are available
– Social sharing plugins are compatible for making a video viral and social media feeds are also compatible
– Color choices are ample and each and every element of this WordPress video theme is editable and configurable in terms of colors and color selection
– SKT Tube is WooCommerce friendly WordPress video theme which can showcase merchandise and sell items using several payment gateways available with WooCommerce
– Events Calendar plugin is also compatible and events shortcodes are listed with this video WordPress theme
– Homepage with various sections is given which makes it easy to manage and homepage can have a lengthy nice video landing page
– Menu with 5 levels of drop down are given and even compatible mega menu can be added to have a nice menu structure
SKT Tube is bbpress forums compatible so that one can create a community
– Responsive and mobile friendly video WordPress theme which can be used in any type of device nicely
– CSS3 animations can be added as the video WP template is based on HTML5 and CSS3
– SEO friendly template and SEO plugins like Yoast, Squirrly and all in one SEO are compatible and working fine

Disco Dancer

Disco dancer is a dance WordPress theme and has been created to ensure that dance and dancing websites can be done justice using this. Websites created using this theme can showcase dance forms. They can easily showcase dancing trainers.
They can get appointments and bookings online and can also sell packages etc online using WooCommerce. With the help of pricing tables plugins class schedules and class timings can be showcased nicely. Many pricing table plugins are compatible with this dance WordPress theme.
 Disco Dancer - Responsive WordPress Theme
Features of Dance WordPress theme:

Disco Dancer WordPress theme is fully 100% Responsive and passed Google mobile friendly test as well
– Pricing tables plugins have been tested and hence class timings and schedules can also be listed nicely
– Community friendly and compatible with plugins like bbpress and buddypress for building a nice community
– Translation ready and includes POT file for translating the strings and also compatible with plugins like Loco translate
– Multilingual compatible and is compatible with all kinds of multilingual plugins like WPML, Polylang, qTranslate X and others
– HD ready and has been tested with higher resolution devices
– Device friendly and cross device and cross platform like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms and devices testing has been done
– WooCommerce works out of the box with Disco Dancer WordPress theme as this theme is shop plugin compatible and can be used to showcase an online shop nicely
– Slider has been included which works by default and has pause time and animation control. However one can change the slider to any other slider using plugins of video slider, layer slider and any other slider type
– Inner page templates are provided with a lot of variations in form of header variations, banner variations, sidebar variations
– Sidebar is fully widget friendly and a lot of sidebar variations for pages and posts are given
– SEO friendly template with SEO plugins compatible as well as SEO wise coding and structure maintained
– SMO friendly with social media links included with more than 500+ icons included and all are font based so that color changes, size changes can be done easily without any hassle
– In built Shortcodes are provided which can provide fancier ways to add your content. Extra shortcodes can be added with the help of shortcodes plugins
– Page builders compatible dance WordPress theme which has been tested with all kinds of page builders like visual composer, elementor, live composer, sandwich, site origin, beaver builder and others
– Contact forms plugins like ninja forms and contact form 7 can be used nicely and other form plugins are also compatible
– Call to actions given are ample with header, footer and sidebar widget friendly one can have lots of call to actions to reduce bounce rate and get more sales and leads using this template
– Header and footer layout 4 variations are given
– Site variation layouts 2 are given one is full wide and one is boxed
– Events calendar plugin fully compatible template
– Gallery plugins are also compatible to set up gallery
– Customizer based and hence does not conflict and is most updated
– Documentation is complete and extensive and one can use it to easily customize each parts/elements of the site
– Mega Menu can be set up using the compatible mega menu as given in the theme documentation or while installing the theme it is recommended
– Blogging becomes great with sharing plugins compatibility
– Color choices and color variations for each and every element of the dance WordPress theme is given
– Font choices are given and more than 800+ fonts of Google are included
– Animations can be used since the template is CSS3 based
– Flat and gradient less and material design used through out
– Map, Analytics, forms, adsense all Google plugins are compatible and work nicely
– 6+ sliders tested which includes crelly, master, cyclone slider 2, layered, revolution and meta slider
– Inner page banners can be set to anything include iframe to video to banner to slider
– Widgets everywhere as footer, header and sidebar are all widget friendly
– HTML5 and CSS3 based and WordPress latest version and beta testing done

Fashion Trends

Fashionistas have fashion blogs as well as fashion websites to give regular fashion tips and style tips. There are also famous fashion designers and beauticians who give these kind of tips from their blogs and hence that is the way one started this trend of having fashion blogs.
Fashionistas have fashion blogs as well as fashion websites to give regular fashion tips and style tips. There are also famous fashion designers and beauticians who give these kind of tips from their blogs and hence that is the way one started this trend of having fashion blogs.
Using these type of fashion WordPress themes ensures that all kinds of fashion blogging features are already available and hence it becomes easier for fashion authors or writers to just start using the website readily without having to do any sort of integration or any set up whatsoever.
 Fashion Trends - Responsive WordPress Theme
Features of fashion WordPress theme:

– Extremely Responsive and is fully mobile friendly test passed
– HD readiness has been tested by using on bigger screens and devices
– Customizer based and hence any novice can set up the fashion WordPress template as well and customizer makes script conflicts minimal as it is part of WordPress core
– SEO friendly coding has been done with all elements and tags of SEO retained and with SEO plugins compatibility also checked and tested
– Theme review standards based coding has been done
– Material design has been used because that is most used nowadays and its modern style of designing websites
– Gradient less and Flat style of work has been preferred because that ensures older browsers are also compatible and one can easily use this template to have compatibility with old as well as new browsers
– WooCommerce compatible means that opening a fashion store using Fashion Trends WordPress theme won’t be much of a problem
– 5 level drop downs ensures that navigation is easy for users and visitors and
– Mega Menu compatibility means that one can have a nice looking big sized menu which can have lots of navigation thus helping one to form a big site
– Lots of shortcodes means that one can add any type of fancy content easily and set up the site like a Pro. Even shortcodes plugins are also compatible meaning that anything not given by default in the fashion WP template can be added from outside
– Page builder compatible means that pages can be built with great HTML and CSS content with even more fancy styles than before visually and not involving any coding knowledge
– Lots of sliders have been tested with this fashion theme and have been found to be working fine. Some of them are master slider, crelly slider, cyclone slider 2, revolution, layered, meta and others
– Gallery is given in built but if someone wants more features or a different gallery can opt for various other gallery plugins and can add them onto their website
– Blogging has been included properly and several shortcodes related to blog posts have been given. Also sidebar layout is manageable for blog as well as single posts
– Social media icons are given which are more than 600+ due to font based icons
– Sharing plugins have been tested and found compatible with blog articles and posts
– Footer and header variations are given with 4 variations each for them and above all both of them are widget friendly as well
– Sidebar layout is fully manageable for the whole template and sidebar is also widget friendly
– Animations can be added as the fashion WordPress theme is based on CSS3 and animated shortcodes plugins can be added to have a nicer effect
– Widget friendly sidebar, header as well as footer ensure one can have ample widgets anywhere through out the website
– Google fonts compatible and loads up 800+ Google fonts which provide ample variations and typography options
– Icons font based and hence those icons can be increased in size and changed in color as well
– Color choices given are ample and hence each and every element can be changed in terms of color
– Cross device compatible and tested with a lot of hand held devices as well as desktop and laptops
– Cross browser compatible and tested with all types of device browsers
– Forums like bbpress work nicely with Fashion Trends WP template
– Google plugins like Google maps, analytics, forms, drive, AMP and Schema work fine with this theme
– Events calendar plugin also has been tested and found working
– Translation ready with POT file available for easy translation of the strings into other language
– Multilingual ready and has been tested with WPML, qTranslate and Polylang among others
– Comment plugins have also been tested like Disqus, Facebook comments and intense debate as well as default commenting also works fine

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