Top 20 Bestselling Education WordPress Themes

Education process can be fun. And the experience of the last years has shown it clearly. Education is no longer associated with boring schooling. It is an interesting process that comprises different areas of life. More and more people take the pass of self-development. And your task is to provide them with the opportunities to progress. For this purpose, you need to create an online representation of your educational institution or study group. Moreover, creating a website nowadays is within the depth of everyone. The introduction of the ready-made templates moved the web studio services into the background. Of course, you can still create your website from scratch. However, ready-made themes have a range of incontestable advantages. Not to make unsubstantiated statements, we have prepared 20 bestselling education WordPress themes for you.

What are the advantages of the ready-made templates

So let’s figure out why you should opt for the ready-made templates. Designing your website from scratch usually takes a lot of time. Depending on the complexity of the project your will have your website ready in a month or two. Meanwhile, buying one of the education WordPress themes you will be ready to launch your website in a couple of days. Mind that you will be able to do it by your own forces. The second reason to choose ready-made templates is their price. If you have a limited budget this is your best choice. You are going to pay 8-10 times less for a theme than you would have paid for a custom design. Of course, having your website designed from scratch you would have an absolutely original unmatchable product. But advanced flexibility of the ready-made themes makes it easy to customize them beyond any recognition.

What are the advantages of the provided themes?

The wide choice of the templates in the market makes you feel confused? Don’t worry. We have simplified your task. Here are 20 bestselling education WordPress themes for various educational projects. All of them are taken from TemplateMonster, the template provider of international renown. This is not just the question of brand. Buying a template from a verified provider you de-risk yourself from all the nasty surprises. These are high-quality products with clean valid coding, up-to-date design and advanced functionality. And what is even more important, you get free lifetime support for every theme you buy.

Tips to consider while creating an education website

Education websites, like any other niche websites, have some peculiarities that should be taking into consideration.
Defining the goal. Depending on your goal you should choose the layout and design for your future website. If this is education of children, your website should reflect this.
Detailed information.Provide as much information about the services you provide as you can. Be sure the visitors are going to read it to a dot.
Proper color scheme. Despite the fact that the color palette totally depends on you, there are some traditional solutions. Green, brown, blue and white are the best choice for your website.
Basic SEO. Make sure your site is easy to find. If you use education WordPress themes you don’t need to worry about this problem, as all of them are SEO-friendly.
Use media. With the help of media data and interactive elements, you will be able to give the visitor more information.


Education Services WordPress Theme

Education Services WordPress Theme Details | Demo

Department Of Education WordPress Theme

Department Of Education WordPress ThemeDetails | Demo

Primary School WordPress Theme

Primary School WordPress ThemeDetails | Demo

SafeDrive – Driving School Responsive WordPress Theme

SafeDrive - Driving School Responsive WordPress ThemeDetails | Demo

Education Organization WordPress Theme

Education Organization WordPress ThemeDetails | Demo

Education WordPress Template

Education WordPress TemplateDetails | Demo

University WordPress Theme

University WordPress ThemeDetails | Demo

Elementary School Responsive WordPress Theme

Elementary School Responsive WordPress ThemeDetails | Demo

Education WordPress Template

Education WordPress TemplateDetails | Demo

Dance School WordPress Theme

Dance School WordPress ThemeDetails | Demo

High School Education WordPress Theme

High School Education WordPress ThemeDetails | Demo

Language School Responsive WordPress Theme

Language School Responsive WordPress ThemeDetails | Demo

Education WordPress Theme

Education WordPress ThemeDetails | Demo

Education WordPress Template

Education WordPress TemplateDetails | Demo

University Education WordPress Theme

University Education WordPress ThemeDetails | Demo

As you see the choice of education WordPress themes is really enormous and you can easily find an ideal template for your project. If you need more information about maintaining the website, you can try Startup Hub. This is an absolutely free project that provides a lot of useful information both for the beginners and advanced users. There you will find lots of eBooks, tutorials, webinars and videos.

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