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Presenting some new themes launched this month by SKTthemes



 Adventure - Responsive WordPress Theme
Adventure WordPress theme has been designed and created to cater to the needs of those who create adventure sports websites and adventure tourism websites like skiing, ice skating, trekking, mountaineering, cycling, bike riding and others.

Just like any other template of ours this one is also multipurpose and with the change of color scheme and images and text it can be converted into any other kind of website.

Since the idea of multipurpose means that it can be used in any kind of website.

Travel enthusiasts and other travel bloggers and can share their journey online through the help of this adventure WordPress theme.

Since the template is WooCommerce friendly it can be used to sell merchandises online and travel catalogues, t-shirts and other hoodies can be sold online with the help of this.

One featured slider is given on the top which is fully wide and can be changed to a boxed layout as well.

The slider has animation control and pause time and other controls and allows upto 10 slides to be added.

If you need some other kind of a slider then also it isn’t a problem as the slider can be replaced with any other WordPress slider plugin which can be added and then the shortcode can be placed to replace the default slider we have on the top.

4 header variations have been given within this template of adventure which means that one can have a call to action header or a simple navigation header or other variations can be chosen as per the choice of the clients.

About the adventure sports website this section has the ability and other sections too have the ability to showcase video feeds from websites like Youtube, Vimeo and others.

Testimonials, special offers and merchandises can also be listed.

Contact us form is in built and with the help of plugins like contact form 7, ninja forms or gravity forms one can have a desired contact form with Google maps so a store locator or a location page with map and form can be posted.

Newsletter given is a plain HTML version which can be modified to have your own newsletter or else one can use the widget area to have their own widget.

Footer just like header also provides 4 variations and can be used to have whatever you like using widgets or just have a plain copyright strip in footer with no columns.

Sidebar is also widget friendly and can hold any number of widgets of social media feed, widget plugins, shop widgets and social media, contact form and whatever one can think of.

Features of Adventure WordPress theme

– Social media friendly and has been encoded with around 600+ social icons
– WooCommerce compatible and hence an online shop for selling items online can happen and even camp tickets can be sold online
– Sidebar layouts are given for pages as well as posts and hence choose sidebar selectively on each page as well as posts
– Responsive, mobile friendly, tablet and devices friendly, desktop and laptop friendly
– Various cross platforms like iOS, Windows, Android and Mac tested and found compatible
– CSS3 based and hence animated columns using shortcodes can be added
– Built in several functions and shortcodes are provided and one can add several more with the use of plugins
– Compatible with all kinds of page builders free and paid and hence one can easily set up pages as they like
– Compatible with gallery plugins for nice effective gallery and in built gallery also provided
– Footer and header variations around 4 are provided
– Site layout i.e. boxed or full wide is also provided
– Inner page banner can be used to showcase slider, images, banner ads, iframe, forms and others
– Compatible with contact forms of all kinds
– SEO friendly and compatible with all types of SEO plugins
– Translation ready and multilingual ready and compatible with WPML, qTranslate X and Polylang among others
– Wide list of active and popular plugins compatible
– Google fonts compatible and hence has a huge list of over 800 fonts and styles
– HD and Retina ready adventure WordPress theme with higher resolution compatibility
– Works with security plugins as well
– RTL and Cyrillic characters compatible as well
– Multipurpose 100%








 WoodCraft - Responsive WordPress Theme
Furniture Store WordPress theme has been designed and created to easily develop a furniture store for online bookings and sales.

This is a WooCommerce compatible store and hence can easily opt for 150+ payment gateways and also several shipping carriers and other benefits of using this WordPress team backed plugin.

The top has a nice beautiful scrolling slider whose pause time and animation can be controlled and also a number of slides can be added into it.

The slider is also changeable and can be replaced with several other slider plugins.
Blog is provided by default and various layout variations are provided for the same. Similarly for posts also the same apply.

Page sidebar layouts aren’t a new thing but we tried to have the sidebar fully widget friendly and can hold any number of widgets and with the use of dynamic widgets one can easily have various other widgets and variety of sidebars for various pages and posts.

Easier controllable shortcodes provided within the website template of furniture store so that one can easily add desirable content and fancier content by just pasting those shortcodes and manipulating them as per their requirements.

Color changes of each and every element is possible using color pickers as well as shortcodes.

Similarly Google fonts are provided so you have got 800+ font types and styles.

Cyrillic and RTL testing also has been done.
Features of free Furniture Store WordPress theme
– Responsive and is coded with care to work with all devices, screen resolutions and cross platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac
– Compatible with plugins like gallery, events, sliders for easy functionality extension
– Furniture Store WordPress theme is a compatible WooCommerce template and has been coded to work like a plug and play with WooCommerce plugin for online store creation
– Simple and easy to use Customizer based backend which anyone can use without much instructions
– Well documented coding standard used
– Lightweight and very fast to load
– Variation of layouts like full wide and boxed layout provided
– Footer and header variations of 4 types are provided
– Sidebar variations for both page and posts are provided
– Header and footer and sidebar all are widget friendly and one can add their own replacing what is shown by default
– SEO friendly template which means that SEO wise it is solid and compatible with all known SEO plugins
– Works nicely with all cache plugins as well
– Very less scripts used so conflict chances are less with plugins
– HTML5 and CSS3 coded and hence animations of CSS3 can be added nicely
– 100+ in built shortcodes for fancier content and more can be added using plugins
– Page builder compatible and all kinds of page builders like beaver, elementor, visual composer work fine
– Translation ready and works with loco translate and PO edit for string translation
– Multilingual ready and works with plugins like WPML, qTranslate X and Polylang
– Flat design and gradient less design used so that it is compatible with older browsers
– Compatible with a lot of plugins and help in extending features
– Retina ready and HD ready compatible
– Social media feeds and social media plugins for sharing of blog are compatible
– Font based social icons more than 600+ are added which allow color change and size change
– Google fonts more than 800+ in number added so lots of choices for typography
– Cyrillic and RTL compliant
– Inner page banner area fully customizable with slider, form, image, and video among others
– Can be used for multiple industry websites
– Well commented coding so that any developer can make modifications easily
– Homepage with several sections in built and can add more
– 5 level drop down allowed in navigation giving ample opportunity
– Slider given by default with all controls and more slides can be added and replace the original








Hotel Booking

 Hotel Booking - Responsive WordPress Theme


Hotel Booking WordPress theme has been designed and created to help clients with hotel websites and their booking and reservations as well.

Hotel booking or resort or motel booking is very common nowadays and if your hotel has a mobile compatible website which is responsive then your users can definitely take advantage of the same and easily connect with you and book rooms via their cell phones.

Header and footer variations are given so that one can easily choose the way they want to showcase their hotels.

Nice slider given with call to action of book now and similarly in the navigation a book now button is presented.

Header has social icons and phone number as well as the complete address of the hotel given similarly footer also displays the same.

t can also display the food on the menu and online menu and recipe plugins also are compatible with this template.

Hotel booking WordPress theme has several page templates which work nicely and provide you with the option to have or not have a sidebar. Simple and easy to manage this hotel booking WordPress theme is based on Customizer.

Gallery of pictures is provided which is filterable portfolio however one can easily add their own set of gallery plugins and set them up as they need it to be.

Also one can easily set up their own slider plugins and have their own slideshow of pictures.

Features of Hotel Booking WordPress theme
– Responsive 100% and has been designed to work on all smartphones, mobile phones and even tested with Google mobile friendly test
– Page builders compatible so that all kinds of paid and free page builders can be used with this hotel booking WordPress theme
– Reservations are very important so a default contact form is given and contact form 7 plugin is fully compatible using which you can add as many reservation forms of various types as you need. Or any other type of form can also be added like job forms, subscription, contact forms etc.
– HTML5 and CSS3 modern techniques and tools used to created this template for hotel booking which ensures maximum output
– Sidebar layout is selectable and hence one can have pages and posts as per the layout they select for page or for blog
– Design wise very attractive and modern and flat design structure used so that it is gradient less and can be used with old browsers as well due to its flat design structure
– Sections can be easily modified and more sections can be added or sections can be hidden at will as they provide most functionality for the website
– Simple to manage and handle the site with the help of backend and step by step documentation provided
– Customizer works nicely on top of the hotel booking WordPress template which has been provided by the core WordPress. Hence causes lesser conflicts too
– Header is widget friendly and 4 variations of header are provided and inner header banner can be replaced with anything from an iframe to a contact form and video or a slider
– Footer also has variations and can be from minimum copyright to a 4 column widget friendly one
– Variations for site layout like boxed and full are also given
– Blog is given by default and several blog page layouts are given for making it user friendly and providing more choices
– Standard pages like 404, search, archives and category are also provided so a complete website solution is provided
– Cross device friendly and devices with various sizes and screen resolutions have been tested
– Cross platform friendly and platforms like iOS, Android, Mac and Windows have been tested
– Cross browser friendly and several browsers of various platforms have been tested to confirm this
– Color changing template and has nice and easy color pickers for changing colors
– Translation ready and has POT file and loco translate plugin friendly
– Multilingual friendly and all kinds of paid and free plugins like WPML, Polylang and qTranslate X and others have been tested and found working
– Modern and creative and has been designed to suit the recent design trends
– Customizer based and hence is part of the core and does not conflict
– Codex friendly and theme review standards friendly
– Shortcodes given are more than 100 for adding nicer fancier content and more shortcode and shortcode widgets can be added using plugins
– Social icons are more than 600+ and are font based and hence one can easily resize them and also have their colors and sizes changed
– Plugins like WooCommerce, Events, Pricing table for showcasing prices of various rooms and other menu and recipe plugins are also compatible with this hotel booking WordPress theme
– Gallery by default which is filterable portfolio is given and more gallery plugins can be added to have the desired kind of gallery
– Slider is given by default and total control is given for it whereby you can change pause time and animations control. One can also change the slider to some other custom slider plugin as well
– Widgets compatible theme which allows any number of widgets to be added in sidebar





Musical Sounds

 Musical Sounds - Responsive WordPress Theme
Musical Sounds is an Audio WordPress theme which has been created to cater to audio podcasters, people who love to listen to music, music band, artists who want to showcase their albums and music to the world and music bloggers.
Musical sounds has a great music playlist plugin and has compatibility with other plugins like FM and Soundcloud and can be used to display music players and music in the most better way.
The slider given on the top of audio WordPress theme has a nice slide fade effect and has over 12 animation effects and pause time and slide time control. One can also choose to replace this slider and choose to have their own slider in place.
The default slider has around 10 slides and can be used to showcase around 10-15 slides with more custom slider plugin option as well which users can select at their own discretion.
We have also listed around 6 sliders like crelly slider, layer slider, cyclone slider 2, master slider, meta slider and others which can be used in this area.
There are variation layouts like site can be full width or boxed layout with a background image.
Header and footer variations are also provided and inner header banner area can also be edited and replaced with video, audio player, iframe, contact form and other banner images and slider as well of your choice.

Features of Audio WordPress theme

– Default player is provided and more players are compatible in the form of other musical plugins
– Responsive to the core and 100% tested in the form of mobile friendliness as well as cross device and cross browser testing is also done as well as cross platform like iOS and Android testing is also done
– Several Page templates are provided in the form of page layouts and sidebar control
– Blog layouts with sidebar control is also provided for easy choice of having your choice of blog layout
– Sidebar is completely widget friendly with any kind of social media icons, social media feeds as well as contact forms and other widgets also can be added
– Footer variations are given which means that you can have a 2 column to 4 column footer or else a simple footer with only copyright
– Header variations are also provided which means you can have the logo and menu position control as per the layout choices given
– Call to actions are provided which means that users can connect with the musical band or artists anytime using footer, header contact details or else clicking on the contact page in navigation or else in sidebar one can have contact form
– Tickets and merchandise can be sold using WooCommerce as the theme is eCommerce compatible
– Events calendar can also be set up to provide schedule of various artists and bands and events that are going to be organised
– HTML5 and CSS3 based which is the most recent update and hence CSS3 animations capability is also there and one can add them if required
– Material design based and hence gradient less and compatible with even old browsers as well
– Site layout is also given using which one can have boxed or full layout
– Header and footer widgets are also given and are easy to show your own content in header and footer rather than what is shown by default along with variations given for both header and footer
– Contact forms compatible with plugins like ninja forms, gravity forms and contact form 7 and also 1 form by default is also included
– Icons are also provided which can be not just used for social icons but displayed in pages/posts as well as they are font based color change and size change is also possible
– Fonts are also given with Google font based and typography changes can be done using font choices, colors etc
– Colors can be selected easily using color picker and whole audio WordPress theme can be changed in terms
– Inner header variations are provided and showcased in demo and inner header can have anything from map to image
– Slider variations are given and full slider control is given including animations, timing and also allowed to change the slider to any plugin of your choice
– Gallery and sliders plugins compatibility is given so that all kinds of pictures and video gallery can be added
– Concert dates are given by default
– Artists and team section is given so that one can list all the band members
– Social sharing and social media can be used and easily can be adjusted to have social sharing for blog and social media feeds and icons
– SEO plugins compatible as well as SEO friendly coding is done as per theme review standards
– Translation ready and multilingual ready and compatible with all kinds of multilingual plugins like WPML, Polylang and qTranslate X and also compatible with translation plugins like loco translate
– Page builders compatible and all kinds of page and free page builders can be used to set up content for all the pages and sections Shortcodes compatible

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