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 Best Brand Drupal Theme

A Drupal theme that’s three themes in one.
Responsive, flexible & carefully crafted to the last detail. Focused on helping you present your products & services.
Best Brand is 3 themes in 1; a Corporate, a Product (and Service) Listing and a Commerce theme. And all of that without sacrificing the well-thought use-case scenario, typical of all our themes.
Responsive layout
Best Brand adjusts optimally to the width of the browser it is viewed on. As a result, it looks awesome regardless it’s a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet your visitors are using.

Dual initial width
Monitors get wider nowadays, which is why Best Brand gives you the option to choose between two initial widths for your site; 960px and 1200px.
Comes in your favourite color
Responsive and Rich Product layouts
Related Products
Testimonials Slideshow
Tags Cloud
Multiple photos for your Products & Services
Google map
In integrating nicely with Google Maps Best Brand does great in this direction.
Responsive column layouts
Best Brand comes with a multitude of pre-configured, responsive column layouts [one-third] [two-thirds] [one-fourth] [three-fourths] [one-half] so you can create pages tailored to your needs.
Responsive menu
Webform support
Best Brand integrates with the Webform module and supports gorgeous forms anywhere you want them.
Drive your slide show easily with Best Brand’s built-in intelligence.
Superfish menus
Multiple font-schemes
Views at your disposal
Enjoy View blocks ready-made for your ease: Latest posts, Promoted posts, Recent comments, Slideshow, Tags cloud, Twitter Updates & Testimonials and yet much more.
Region-rich, yet without risk
Comes with a wealth of custom regions: Header top left, Header top right, Header left, Header right, Navigation, Banner, Highlighted, Promoted area, Content, First sidebar, Bottom first, Bottom second, Bottom third, Footer first, Footer second, Footer third, Footer bottom left and Footer bottom right. Yet it’s end-to-end compliant to the default Drupal regions.
Boost conversation even more
Comments in Best Brand are more than comments. They are part of an ongoing dialog and it shows.
Blogging goodies
Comes with support for the Blog module and a pre-activated blog*.

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